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Reduce diabetes symptoms

Control Blood Sugar

Reduce Inflammation

Lower Cholesterol

Protects the liver

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Hand In Hand for Haiti

D.L Bioproducts is proud to be ‘HAND IN HAND’ with Haiti by associating with the Organisation Des Paysans Planteurs Pour Le Developpement de Gresssier, (OPPDG) of which David Louis is Vice President.

The OPPDG is a small Haitian land owners group of 90 plus members and growing…The principal mission of the goup is to asisst each other by way of sharing tools and equipment as well as assisting each other in labour efforts when needed…David Louis has also made small personal, interest free loans in the name of the organization available to some of the members in dire need.

Clients Satisfaction

Not only means a premium quality product…Client satisfaction also means the best health results possible…the best service possible and the best value possible for your dollar…Keeping in  mind not everyone has the lowest price and we do not make that claim, but we do have the highest client satisfaction as one could verify among our many satisfied customers including on the Amazon Store.

Premium Quality

One of the principle goals of David Louis and D.L.Bioproducts as providers of Moringa tree derivatives is to provide a ‘top of the line’ quality products and to that end we also take pride in supplying the freshest products possible as we do not over produce and/or wharehouse any of our products as well as providing greatest variety of Moringa based formulations. We also have a very active Researh & Development department, formulating new inovative always with Moring products on a regular bases.


    Bulk Moringa Products

    Buy Moringa In Bulk, is a division of parent company D.L Bioproducts,… is a small, to medium sized hands on modern company, employing over 80 full time employees with a huge upside with the purpose of helping develop Haiti, a highly underdeveloped country, devastated by an earthquake and… to help turn it’s poverty, dependency and ecological soil erosion problems into prosperity by aiding in development and independence,’ while maintaining environmentally friendly….NATURALLY,… The way it was meant to be..

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