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Moringa Oleifera Oil- 100 % Virgin – 500ml


Organic moringa oleifera oil, 100%, cold pressed virgin oil obtained from seeds collected in our plantations. We do not use chemicals or pesticides in any way. Our product can be used in the  pharmaceutical industry, perfumery, cosmetics, chemical and industrial.

This product is also very effective for the treatment of damaged hair, treat diseases of the skin such as eczema, melanoma, etc. Massages and spa salons enjoy the oil. People suffering from hypertension, diabetes, anemia integrates it into their diet as vegetable oil for cooking and in salads. This is why we say we offer a product of very high quality at a bargain price.

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Moringa Oleifera Oil


Moringa Oleifera Oil- 100 % Virgin Pure Organic – The Only Multipurpose Oil – Great In Your Finest recipes – The Best Cosmetic Ingredient Oil – Ultra Fine Oil with Incomparable Nutrition Benefits – Most Exotic and Highly Searched Oil Around The World


About the Product


Moringa oil is one of the most exotic and highly searched for oils around the world. Fine salad dressing oil, high nutrients.


  • Moringa oil is a nice cooking oil. It is used for deep frying and sauteing. Its smoke point is about 200 ° C which is good for deep frying purpose. Moringa seed oil is preferred as a salad oil in many places.


  • Improve cholesterol and help kill bacteria and other pathogens. Moringa seed oil is noted for its nutrition. It is truly unique among many other oils. There are certain nutritional aspects that make this oil incredible for use. All purpose oil, cooking oil, fine cuisine.


  • Most of our modern medical system is oil-dependent, just like the rest of society. Promotes proper digestion, Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney


Enhance psychological and physical well-being. Boost metabolism slightly and increase feelings of fullness Our oil is made of the finest select Moringa seeds in our plantation. Known since antiquity for these miracles moringa oil to be treated and cured various diseases.  Moringa Oil or Ben oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree. The Moringa seeds yield 38–40% edible oil (called ben oil, from the high concentration of behenic acid contained in the oil) that can be used in cooking, cosmetics, and lubrication… Traditionally used for cooking and in other food preparations. Moringa oil has tremendous cosmetic value and is used in body and hair care as a moisturizer and skin conditioner. It can be used for perfume base as a fuel and for oiling machinery.


Moringa oil can also be used to produce soap Moringa oil is light and spreads easily on the skin. It is best for massage and aromatherapy applications. Moringa oil is used in the following range of cosmetic products. Anti aging, wrinkle creams Hair care products Soaps and Liquid body wash Aromatherapy oils Massage Oil Face creams Perfumes and Deodorant Moringa oil is being praised as the new wonder oil. It’s hardly new. The Moringa oil has been used for health and beauty for centuries. The bright yellow oil with a pleasant taste has been compared in quality with olive oil. Moringa oil possesses exceptional oxidative stability which may explain why the Egyptians placed vases of Moringa oil in their tombs.


Moringa oil is a great alternative in recipes that needs a nutty flavor. It is also a healthier choice to put in stir fry dishes and marinades. You can also use it as dressing for salads and vegetables. However, even if moringa oil can be used as cooking oil, it is not recommended for daily use because of the high demand and low production.


USES IN THE KITCHEN – For cooking oil – As shortening in baked goods – For salad dressings – Base for mayonnaise – Stir-fry oil – In sauces – With herbs, for dipping bread – To make popcorn – Added to butter for garlic bread – With pasta – For frying fish and seafood – On pizza

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