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Pure Raw Organic Moringa Powder – Oleifera Leaf Powder 150g


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The  World Most Potent Plant on Earth – Pure Organic Moringa Powder, Moringa Leaf Powder- Green Super Food Supplements – The Ideal for Food deficiency and Malnourished – Management of weight balance


About the Product


  • NEED: To do this, the body needs food -the name for the fuel of the body, or NUTRIENTS. When the body gets the fuel it needs, it can use it to keep itself healthy, and when it does not, it struggles, and some processes cannot do what they need to -and health suffers. Many nutrients help the body with processes to clean itself. This includes “Cleaning the blood” as it is called in Africa.


  • Moringa is an ideal dietary supplement because it supports balance from both sides: It provides the body with the nutrients it needs while helping it to detoxify and get rid of unwanted elements. This combination provides the body with fuel (nutrients) it needs to perform the two important functions: Feeding (adding fuel) and Cleaning (removing unwanted elements)


  • EXCESS: The body also gets many things in food it does NOT need. It has to work to get this stuff out of the blood and tissue. This takes energy, and when it needs a lot of energy for cleaning itself, you have less energy to use for living.


  • On the one hand Moringa is FEEDING the body with vitamins, minerals, all 8 amino-acids and protein, and because it is a real food, the nutrients are ‘food-state’; meaning the body recognizes the nutrients and absorbs them easier than most chemically made nutrients. On the other hand helps DETOXIFYING the body: Here Organic Moringa introduces elements that make the body an unattractive environment for bacteria and parasites. The anti-inflammatory working supports the cleaning out of excess acids, etc.


  • So step one for good health through eating correctly is to Eat what the body needs, and don’t eat what it does not. Moringa helps with the first, your lifestyle with the second.
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Weight 157 g
Dimensions 12 x 19.2 x 4 cm
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