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About Us

President of D.L Bioproducts is a born and bred Haitian entrepeneur
A proud Haitian, David Louis  started a small Moringa plantation 6 years ago which has now grown rapidly to having over 50 employees of which 46% of them women. David prides himself is a ‘hands on’ owner who is involved in every facet of company operations 24/7.
D.L Bioproducts, a Moringa producer is most proud to offer only Moringa based Health and food supplement products not like many other suppliers who may have many other lines and may not be able to give their clients full and rapid supply and support.
B.L Bioproducts is definetly a family owned business as David’s spouse, Elisabeth De Luca is the company Vice president and has been a  driving force in supporting his efforts on an  on going daily bases which is no mean feat as they are also raising 2 young children so their days are full of challenges and satisfaction.
Having previously many years in the Bio fuel industy, David Louis saw a greater opportunity in  the world of natural pure foods and by extension help in the de-forestation, a problem particular to Haiti, by growing large amounts of the very fast growing Moringa trees and of course providing very gainful employment opportunities to many of his fellow Haitians.
Stressing quality and service above all, D.L. Bioproducts has over 12 varieties of Moringa products and constantly adding new formulations such as roasted moringa seeds and natural moringa honey not found elsewhere.
David Louis is most proud to be able to not only provide much needed employment to many fellow Haitians…but also being able to offer the world the highest quality product(s) available on this planet…bar none!..All he asks is to give us a try!!!
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